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Malaysia – A Backdrop for a Rewarding Experience

Malaysian Culture FestivalIf you are looking to organize a memorable and rewarding experience for corporate incentive travelers or a group of friends who are merely looking to celebrate an occasion, Malaysia may be your best choice yet. Here are some of the most interesting events in Malaysia:

culture festivalMalaysia is represented by rich heritage and traditions, a plethora of festivals, vibrant costumes, traditional song and dance, culinary delights and a potpourri of lifestyles. Thus the perfect backdrop for an incentive experience of a lifetime.

One of the easiest ways to lift up spirits and be in revelers mood is to partake in the many celebrations and events held year round. That is when the street lights and décor are up and the air is just that much more festive.

Formula One

Sepang Circuit - Formula OneCome be a part of the Formula One excitement! Malaysia hosts the 3rd leg of this race at the world class circuit at Sepang, In tandem, The Kuala Lumpur City Hall and other event organizers put up impressive concerts, showcases and parties for the glitterati and the crowd. At this time of the year the KL night scene also revs up a notch with rave parties, international disc jockeys and international artistes putting up stellar performances.

In the daytime head for the Sepang Circuit for excitement on the tracks. There are also exhibitions and simulators to try for people seeking the racing thrills.

M-Vision Travel can organize your ticketing, attendance arrangements and work a party for you around the Formula One events. Contact us now!

Festivals & National Celebrations

There are many religious and national celebrations that visitors can be a part of and experience Malaysian hospitality at its best.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri - M-VisionHari Raya Puasa (Aidilfitri) is a joyous and important Muslim holiday that is celebrated throughout thee country and is a time for special food, visiting friends and relatives and the children are given gifts of money. Special Open Houses are held by Head of States where tourists have a chance to share camaraderie and enjoy feasting with locals.


Chinese New Year - M-VisionChinese New Year is a very festive time for Malaysian Chinese and is observed on the first day of the first moon on the Chinese calendar.  The date of this celebration will vary from year to year and it is celebrated with a traditional dinner on New Year’s Eve followed by visits to family, friends and the honoring of the elderly.  Packets of money called ang pow are given away at this time as well. On these days too, there are Open Houses to attend.

Thaipusam - M-VisionThaipusam is celebrated on the 10th month of the Hindu calendar and falls in January or February each year. It is a day of penance and thanksgiving for Hindus celebrated in honour of Lord Muruga. Hindus believe that sins can be cleansed during Thaipusam. In Kuala Lumpur, Hindus carrying the kavadi make the annual pilgrimage to the Batu Caves in Selangor, where the kavadi is carried up the 272 steps to the entrance of the great cave and deposited at the feet of the deity. Many tourists earmark their travel to Malaysia to coincide with this event.

Malaysia Natiional Day - M-VisionOther equally important but quieter religious events taking place year round include Wesak Day, Deepavali and Christmas.

Malaysian National Day falls on August 31 and marks the time of Malaysia’s independence.  It is observed with parades, exhibitions, shows and free film shows.

Sample Themes

M-Vision Travel has sample themes that organizers can consider for a typical Incentive Trip to Malaysia. If you require more assistance, please contact us.

Click here to download the Sample Themes.

Sample Programmes

M-Vision Travel has sample programmes that organizers can consider for a typical Incentive Trip to Malaysia. If you require more assistance, please contact us.

Click here to download the Sample Programmes.

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